Our campaign is set in the Pathfinder world of Golarion, and contains many homebrew elements and deviations from some aspects of the official Pathfinder canon that you might be familiar with from rulebooks. Our story begins in the gnomish city of Brastlewark, which lies East of the Whisperwood, nestled in the foothills of the Aspodell Mountains in the Infernal nation of Cheliax. More than a century ago, an enterprising gnome called Drum Thornfiddle forged an alliance with Her Infernal Majestrix Queen Abrogail I of Cheliax, gaining the Queen’s permission to build a gnomish city in the east of Cheliax. Many have whispered about what Her Infernal Majestrix may have required of Thornfiddle and certain of his associates in return, but if there are secrets to be told, none have yet discovered them. At least, not until our party shows up…




Ember was once a simple animal companion with simple desires, but that changed when his master, the gnome druid Oriana Selestine, was slain in the Whisperwood. Through some magic he does not understand, he was somehow awakened and gained speech only to be immediately captured by a man he simply calls “the bad master” and forced to participate in dog fights. He was rescued by Temerity and seeks to return to his home in Brastlewark. Ember is the party’s Barbarian.



Oom is a gnome from the island of Hermea. In her youth, she learned that her draconic bloodline gifted her with powers that manifested when she felt strong emotions. As part of learning to control those powers, Oom was instructed in both magic and Draconic lore by Hermea’s founder, the gold dragon Mengkare. Oom has magenta eyes and wild, fiery hair that often has grass, leaves, or twigs stuck in it because she has a penchant for laying down and looking up at the stars at night while traveling. Oom arrived in Brastlewark because she was intrigued by the Festival of Flight, and thought it might be something Nommie would especially enjoy. Oom is the party’s Sorcerer.

Professor Z


Professor Z is an up-and-coming researcher in the gnome city of Brastlewark. Although he has struggled to find success in his academic career, he is proud of his work unraveling the mysteries of science and technology with his invention Buster, a clanging pile of pots and pans. Professor Z is a bit scatterbrained and has been sheltered in both gnome culture in Brastlewark and the sometimes aloof ways of the Academy, but he is ready to go out and make a name for himself in the wider world, and hopes that his collaboration with the rest of the party can result in fame, glory, and explosions. Professor Z is the party’s gnome Inventor.

Temerity Vane


There are some who might call the skills Temerity’s mother Ailluin Vane taught to him “thieving,” but individuals of wisdom and taste know her to be an expert in the art of cultural reclamation. A barber by trade and a wanderer by choice, Temerity met and liberated Ember while on a mission of personal revenge. Temerity is easygoing but curious and floats wherever the wind takes him, so he decided to help Ember on his mission to return to Brastlewark. As a tief-elf, he’s here for both a good time and a long time (hopefully). Temerity is the party’s Rogue.

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