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Featured shows

Indigo Dreamin'

Indigo Dreamin' takes place in a future where humanity has vanished, leaving Pokemon to manage their own affairs. Meet Clover, a determined little Caterpie who wants to become a warrior, Fennel, a Farfetch'd looking for someone to believe in him, and Sparkie, a Pikachu who's all talk but who might be capable of more than he thinks. 

You can find more about Indigo Dreamin’ here: www.cosmoscameo.com 


A digimon fanfic actual play series, emphasizing heart and a haunted nostalgia. Inspired by the energy and moodiness of the Adventure, Survive, and Tamers stories.

You can find more about Digiverse here: https://bsky.app/profile/acrosstheplanespod.bsky.social 

Afterschool Wonderland

Boarding school students Alexis, Misha, and Syd investigate their dorm's haunted attic as a hurricane rages.  Instead of a mere leak, they find their way to the City Spectacular! Inspired by Digimon, and powered by Zak Barouh's Animon Story, Afterschool Wonderland is a pitch-perfect recreation of your favorite afternoon cartoon block.

You can find more about Afterschool Wonderland here: https://www.cosmoscameo.com/ 

Darkest Days Podcast

We follow the story of 3 nameless individuals through a world where names hold tremendous power. Their quest through a fantastical, sci-fi, anime-trope filled world where magic and mystery is explored through collaborative world building in a never before seen TTRPG system called BREAK!!

You can find more about Darkest Days Podcast here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6RYGxnlePOuBXOIh7osmZl?si=bZoNXfEuSaeew94hAqHb4w 

The Veird Institute

To save the school, they gotta save the world! The Veird Institute of Metahuman Studies (and Beauty School) may well be the worst superhero college in the world, and Professor Veird likes it that way. All he wanted was a place where people with powers could get a degree without having to hide. Sadly, running a college is expensive and donors like their super-schools to actually have a resident hero team, forcing the Professor to assemble a super-group out of the few students he could bribe or cajole. 

I am a teenage witch

Using the solo game “Teen Witch” by Avery Alder, Saffron Hefta-Gaub contemplates how she documents her own creative expression and beauty in online spaces through the metaphor of magic and witchcraft.

You can find more about Saffron Hefta-Gaub here: https://www.youtube.com/@GaubHefta 

A Haunting, Beloved

A Haunting, Beloved follows the story of a young disabled woman from a small town; she has recently married the wealthy Lady Bluebeard, and has left her family and community to move to Bluebeard's great estate. But when the Bride begins to explore the estate, she finds out that all is not as it seems...

You can find more about A Haunting, Beloved here: https://twitter.com/dungeonminister 

Rolling Midnight: 30 Candles

Each new season of Rolling Midnight tells a unique story with a different diverse cast playing an indie ttRPG. This first season "30 Candles" brings you an anthology of Ten Candles one-shots- three tales of horror and tragedy from the wild west to suburban neighborhoods and vast wilderness. No character will survive these stories, but they will not give up hope. 

You can find more about Rolling Midnight: 30 Candles here: https://midnightceremoniesmedia.com/ 

The Rainbow Roll Network Pilot Jam 2023-2024


In short, an opportunity to collaborate as a community and encourage more folks to make Actual Play! If you have an idea for an Actual Play, create a pitch, assemble a team of other participants, record a pilot episode, and present it during our jam showcase. The Rainbow Roll Network will be there every step of the way to help you with resources, templates, community space, and network members cheering you on!

2023-2024 Pilot Jam Timeline

December 15th: Jam opens 

January 15th: Pitches finished 

February 1st: Teams assembled 

February 14th: Session 0 finished 

March 1st: Pilot recorded

 April 1st: Episode finished 

Mid April: Pilot showcase 

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