We're more than just a network.

Rainbow Roll isn't just a home for podcasts - it's also a space for LGBTQIA+ creatives to come together to celebrate each other and help out the global LGBTQIA+ community. You don't want to miss out on our events!

Rainbow Roll Fest

This annual pride month charity stream celebrates the very best in LGBTQIA+led Actual Play by throwing the biggest, queerest party on the internet! For a whole weekend in June, tune in to Twitch to see podcasts, streams, and live shows, all led by LGBTQIA+ creatives, share their wonderful work while we raise money for an LGBTQIA+ charity. Our inaugural event in 2022 was a smashing success, raising over $2000 for Mermaids UK!

Night of the Living Gays

This spooky event is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween! Come join our costumed host as they emcee 6 chilling tales from some of your favorite LGBTQIA+ led AP podcasts and raise money for the Trevor Project.

Skillshare Workshops

Want to learn something new about TTRPGs or podcasting? Once every other month, an expert from one of our network shows leads a workshop to share their expertise with the community! Topics range from audio editing to effective marketing to self-publishing and more!

Hangout Happy Hour

Once every other month, our network comes together to get to know each other and have fun! Join us as we play a game, listen to a new show, or just hang out - BYOB!

Fundraisers, panels, screenings, and more!

Our events team is always coming up with new ways to showcase and support the LGBTQIA+ led AP community.