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Ongoing Series

An Unwavering Force

A Story of the Force and those who use it.

A Pathfinder 2e actual play podcast with an all BIPOC cast. 



Two gnomes, a tief-elf, and a talking dog navigate a cosmic web of Draconic intrigue and Infernal meddling. 

Chromythica is a Pathfinder 2e actual play campaign about belonging, community, and the process of making meaning out of complex situations. Our story follows the adventures of Ember (Awakened husky Barbarian), Oom Gildrose (gnome Sorcerer), Professor Z (gnome Inventor), and Temerity Vane (tiefling elf Rogue), as they join forces in the gnome city of Brastlewark. Our four companions learn that they are connected by the mysterious death of the powerful Druid Orianna Selestine, and the subsequent Awakening of her former animal companion, Ember, by a mysterious entity. Though they don’t know it yet, these four are fated to match wits with the fey, tangle with Infernal powers, sway the destinies of dragons, and change the course of history…

Misfits of Space

Five bad-ass women blazing a path across the galaxy!

Time to follow a band of bad-ass miscreants with hearts of gold as they travel the Procyon Sector playing gigs and staying one step ahead of the Hegemony. This live action roleplaying podcast uses the Scum and Villainy setting powered by Forged in the Dark mechanics in our latest campaign.  If you'd like to check out our first campaign, which used the Fantasy Flight Games (now Edge Studios) mechanics in the Star Wars galaxy, all of those episodes are still available for your enjoyment.  


A TTRPG podcast, by queer people, for queer people

queeRPG is an anthology podcast with each season telling a new story by switching games, cast, setting, and characters. Our second season, Of Kith and Pen, uses Wanderhome to tell a story of exploration and discovery and follows The Letter Writing Club as they are sent on a mission outside of The Lastings to find out what has been happening to the gods.

Rolling Midnight

Imagined Worlds, Authentic Play

Rolling Midnight is an actual play podcast dedicated to innovating within the actual play medium, with a particular emphasis on indie tabletop roleplaying games and coming-of-age stories authentically created by actual queer young adults. As a group largely consisting of young adults in marginalized groups, our goal is to approach our seasons with a sense of empathy and authenticity in portraying the experiences of those who feel othered from society and the communities that are created as a result. The long term goal of Rolling Midnight is to become a space where people new to the actual play industry can collaborate with and be supported by a large, diverse, and experienced creative team. 


Sword of Symphonies

Cozy roleplaying in a haunted post-apocalypse.

A hundred years ago, the continent of Amylte was nearly destroyed by a cataclysm. Now, haunted by the horrors of the past, the people of Amylte are learning how to rebuild, move forward, and protect one another.

Join Cobb, the retired pirate, Tissa, the wanderer, and Penelope, the rancher, as they use their power as Rangers to help keep people safe in a world that doesn't belong to humanity.

The Last Tapestry

Fate is dead. They're the replacements.

The shining city of Astoria Heights is imperiled by a powerful and unknowable force. The city's saviors take the form of an angelic mobster, a fire-dancing mermaid musician, and a bookworm Eladrin who can't control her seasons. How many passes will they have to take in order to save the city? Only time can tell.

Limited Run Series


Roar to Heaven

Teen pilots wield music as their weapon, humanity's last chance against the armies of Heaven.

It is Judgement Day, and we have been found guilty. Angels have descended from Heaven to destroy humanity. The only line of defense for humanity is the Hymnal Units, song-powered anti-Angel battlesuits, and the young musicians who pilot them. Meet Marchosias team, a crew of newly-minted child soldiers ready to face Heaven's onslaught, defy judgement, and save the world. This is Roar To Heaven.

The Valkyrie Cycle

What if the worst people you knew in high school were tasked with saving the world?

This is the Valkyrie Cycle: a Monsterhearts 2 actual play podcast about the messy lives of even messier teenagers, whose monstrosity is as inevitable as their destiny. Our setting is the small town of Thornridge, Washington, where monsters are as likely to lurk in the forest as the hallways of the high school, and apocalyptic mythology threatens to become an ugly reality. As an unnaturally long winter casts an icy shadow over the upcoming prom, something more dangerous prowls at the edges of Thornridge, waiting for its chance to strike... The Valkyrie Cycle is a story about queerness, family, the chains that hold us back, and what happens when we break them.



We test 'em so you don't have to!

Here at CtrlGroup we test systems so everyone can have a seat at the table. With a rotating cast of Queer and POC players, we test systems so you don't have to. Everyone's heard of D&D, Pathfinder, etc. — come and find a new system that you can bring to your table. Explore new systems through our patented mini-campaigns, along with dedicated reviews after each test. Find your forever system today!

Edge of the World

A world on the edge.

The most powerful nations on the continent of Bailehart seem poised at the precipice of a massive war – a war that could upset the balance of all things, far beyond the reach of the involved parties. Perhaps even here, far to the north, in the land known to many as the Great White Emptiness. Edge of the World, the first season of Bailehart, is the story of four individuals making their way through the Great White Emptiness at the north edge of the continent, each with their own very different reasons for the journey.


Tales Yet Told

Satisfying stories with weird worlds and colorful characters thoughtfully told.

Tales Yet Told's first season is Strangers In The Wood: a sci-fi horror campaign using Babes In The Wood 1e by Worldchamp Game Co. It follows two foster siblings lost in a mysterious forest known as the Sublime, led by their new friend Walter, the talking Weasel. The show takes inspiration from Over The Garden Wall and mashes it together with 80s-90s sci-fi and horror movies like They Live, The Matrix, and Carrie. It's a story of self-discovery, community, and raging against the machine.

The Eternity Archives

Three Archivists, infinite games, one multi-dimensional Library.

The Eternity Archives is an anthology actual play podcast with a multi-dimensional twist. Linda the human office lady, Zen the barbarian lizard princess, and Ryl the tiefling nerd baby must work together as part of the mysterious Library to keep the multiverse intact. How? By playing as many TTRPGs as possible! Join Bappy, Dorca, and Ziva as they keep the fabric of time and space in order by learning, teaching, and playing new games in this universe-hopping, GM-rotating, queer-led AP podcast.