Tales Yet Told

Strangers in the Wood

Foster siblings Dorothy and Dakota get lost in the woods one fateful Halloween night and find themselves wandering a twisting and mesmerising path into a whole new world known as The Sublime. A world of endless autumnul spleandor where everyone has a role to play and those who don’t play their part are turned into animals. With their new companion Walter, the talking weasel, by their side they run from haunted sheriffs, predatory principals, relentless drivers, and the many other minions of the mysterious ruler of this world whose name is best said in a whisper: The Stranger.




Age: 7 & 5 months

Costume: Pepper Shaker

Fears: The dark, small spaces, dogs, spiders, adult men

Favorite 80s Song: Bobby McFerrin - "Don’t Worry Be Happy"

Favorite Quote: “Well if you ask me, I think you deserve better.”


(Ep. 0-19: She/Her)
(Ep. 20-onward: He/They)

Age: 15

Costume: Ferris Bueller

Fears: Swimming, Abandonment, Being the center of attention

Favorite 80s Song: The Replacements - "Androgynous"

Favorite Quote: "Woah! I didnt know you had a candy toilet!"

Walter Brookstone


Age: 14…maybe? How long has it been?

Costume: …weasel

Fears: Being a bad person, being permanently stuck in this form, owls

Favorite 80s Song: the Smiths - “How Soon is Now?”

Favorite Quote: “This ain’t that kind of diner.”

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