Sword of Symphonies

One hundred years ago, the world ended. Don’t worry - it’s getting better!

When the mountains melted, they took with them humanity’s cities and countries and empires and governments, leaving behind a world haunted by demons and horrors, and the survivors with no choice but to stick together and look after one another.

Now, a hundred years later, people are getting their world back piece by piece. There still aren’t any governments larger than a city, but with the help of the Deiliths, massive divine stone monuments, people can find the power to drive away the memories of a war-torn past.


Cobb -
Tidal Navigator


A former privateer, Cobb is a huge, gregarious, stubborn man with a penchant for swords and no patience for bullies. As a Tidal Navigator, he has a bond with the sea, the weather, and with his crew - his old crew was lost, but he’s found a new one and he’ll protect them to the very end. He’s also a singer and concertina player, and lives for a party, no matter how awkward his friends get in social situations.

Tissa -
Wandering Magus


Tissa is a mysterious little figure dressed in layers upon layers of scarves and a big floppy sunhat. She moves through the world with wonder and awe at all the many different things there are, and she frequently gets distracted. As a Wandering Magus, she has been through the desert, and she understands the guidance of the perfect stars, if not her place in their grand design.

Penelope -
Windswept Cavalier


Look, I’m not going to say Penelope was literally raised in a barn. That’s too much. But, as the oldest of four tough farm-kids raised on a ranch, Penelope is ill-equipped for a lot of delicate situations. She’s kind-hearted and warm, and full of enthusiasm and love that drives her to be reckless and careless and no amount of trouble for Pollyanna, the winged Cloud Elk that carries her through the skies.

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