Roar to Heaven

Roar to Heaven takes place in Solomon City, a futuristic artificial haven built on Lake Michigan. Humanity has been under siege by the Armies of Heaven for a decade now, and while our technology has raced to keep up with the war for survival, we can’t really be said to be “winning”.

Solomon City revolves around HEL, the Heavenly Engagement Legion, and is its home base. HEL is responsible for training and arming Hymnal pilots to lead the charge against the Angels and stave off Judgement Day.


Lt. Mia Talley


Old enough to remember when all this began, Mia has lost people, has lost battles, and has lost innocence- not all of it her own. Mia is the field leader of Marchosias Team, formerly HEL’s head of training, and is dedicated to making sure the young pilots in her care don’t end up like so many before them have.

Mia is the pilot of the Hymnal Turnstile, also known as Oni, and in her armor wields a massive kanabo.

Pvt. Flannery Fontaine


Upsettingly energetic, Flannery is an athlete staking her future on a military scholarship from HEL. She’s upbeat, positive, and excitable, but also vaguely aware that her situation is much more serious than she can handle. Flannery is good at what she does, quick on her feet, and always ready to cause a little havoc.

Flannery is the pilot of the Hymnal Sunrise Vixen, and in her armor wields a flaming whip-sword.

Pvt. Linlin Yang


Serious and thoughtful, Linlin sees herself as officer material. She is ready to do what she can for the sake of humanity, and is paying close attention not only to the battles directly in front of her, but also a longer-lasting career in the military, the one place where she’s ever felt she belongs.

Linlin is the pilot of the Hymnal Dolce Diver, and in her armor wields a scarlet guan dao.

Pvt. Balthazar "baby" Baker


“Baby” was pressured into joining HEL by their important family, and even before taking the field for the first time, knew they didn’t belong in this war. Sensitive and honest, Baby knows that it’s the right thing to do, that people are going to die, but also knows that the battlefield is not the place for a young jazz trumpeter.

Baby is the pilot of the Hymnal Almost Blue, and in their armor wields whiplike bands of cloth.

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