The Valkyrie Cycle

The Valkyrie Cycle is set in the small town of Thornridge, Washington, a fairly average (on the surface) small town situated just on the edge of the Cascades National Park. Originally founded in the 1800s as a logging town, Thornridge has grown smaller and quieter over the years, though its penchant for attracting the strange and mysterious has never quite gone away. Thornridge Public High School is no different: sure, there’s a football team and a theatre program and all the fun (or lame) extracurriculars you’d usually expect, but the student body of Thornridge High is not 100% human.

Strange incidents reported in the woods, wolf attacks, and an unusually long winter all seem to spell disaster coming for Thornridge, but all of that dims in the face of the upcoming prom. An ancient prophecy looms over the fates of our characters, who will have to decide which world they’re fighting for, and even more importantly: who will be this year’s prom queen?

The Valkyrie Cycle is told using Monsterhearts 2, a tabletop roleplaying game designed by Avery Alder; more about the system can be found on Alder’s website


Starfyre Miller


Mackenzie “Starfyre” Miller has been shuffling cards with fate before she knew what hand she had. That’s just part of the package deal that comes along with being chained to an ancient prophecy. But as time ticks by and cards run out, even her self-built armor can’t hold back the inevitable supernova.

Starfyre (she/her) is the Chosen skin, played by Casey Fleming (they/she).

Cassie Rodriguez


Cassie Rodriguez is known for their long stints in detention and his intimidating stature at the side of his best friends. His reputation wasn't always bruises and bandages, however - not until after a gruesome mauling in the woods made its way into town papers. But was it the wolf that changed him, or the secrets he's forced himself to carry?

Cassie (any pronouns) is the Werewolf skin, played by Arcadia Reeves (they/them).

Lucien Astor


Lucien Astor is a knife-wielding bisexual Catholic trust fund werewolf. With so many secrets and a very short temper, how will he fare when others test his patience?

Lucien (he/him) is the Werewolf skin, played by Percival Walter (he/him).

Cesar Rodriguez-Reyes


Cesar Rodriguez-Reyes is Thornridge High’s golden boy who seemingly has it all— looks, charisma, money— but long-buried secrets lurking beneath that charming façade threaten to shatter everything he’s been working towards, just as prom is right around the corner.

Cesar (he/him) is the Serpentine skin, played by Karina Revilla (she/they).

Eden Grace

(Any pronouns)

On the surface, Eden Grace is a perfect kid: amazing grades, future prospects, and a partner that is dear to them. But what lies underneath that well-practiced exterior?

Eden (any pronouns) is the Queen skin, played by Quin Borozin (any pronouns).

Stephanie Chaplin


Stephanie Chaplin is Thronridge’s star cheerleader who uses her diary to hex the people she envies. Will anyone dare to cross her in her pursuit of the prom queen crown?

Stephanie (she/her) is the Witch skin, played by Saffron Hefta-Gaub (she/her).

Silvia Dea Strisciante


Silvia Dea Strisciante is here for a good time and may be stuck here for a long time, depending on what the Striscieantes–a mafia family descended from the Norse snake god Jörmungandr cursed with a human form–have planned.

Silvia (she/they) is the Serpentine skin, played by Victoria Nielsen (she/her).

A host of supporting characters is played by Game Master Catherine Rohret.

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