Set in the Wanderhome land of Haeth, but more specifically in The Lastings, or The Land of a Thousand Bridges, a collection of floating islands held together by bridges. The world is a very peaceful one however, it is fractured and disconnected due to the humans who came before. It's been thousands of years since they fell but the marks of their civilizations still remain. This world is marked by destroyed cities, giant decrepit marks, fields of fallen soldiers, and the bones of forgotten gods. Our Letter Writing will explore far reaches of the land, visit with the neighboring and disconnected kingdoms, in an attempt to reunite them under the banner of peace.




The Gravedigger and an ocelet kith who was born to a family of Gravediggers in the Vale, transient people, moving from place to place in order to provide the necessary services involved in the funerary process. And while sh enjoys the job, and the traveling that comes with, it has pretty much completely taken over her life.



The Weaver and a tiny fennec fox kith who grew up with their three dads and older sibling living a slow, carefree life. They attended Loom Academy, though it wasn't a great fit for their magical ideas of weaving memories.



The Starseeker and an otter that grew up in a very family-oriented family has recently found growth in some distance. They love the stars and know everything they could possibly know about the constellations. And the mystery of The Starkeeper - a who, a what, a where - has sent them journeying through The Lastings.



The Witch and a flying squirrel who feels the constant pressure of living up to their moms who hold prominent standing in the witch community. They were sent off to Witch Academy where they studied and fell in love, as one does. He uses his interest in dreams and oracle work to help where he can.

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