Edge of the World

It is the 331st year of the Age of Gold on the continent of Bailehart.

The most powerful nations on the continent seem poised at the precipice of a massive war – a war that could upset the balance of all things across the vast continent, far beyond the reach of the involved parties.

Perhaps even here, far to the north, in the land known to many as the Great White Emptiness – a land bathed in snow and ruled by the imposing Ooden Dominion. A land filled to its very edges with a relentless cold and vicious danger.

Our story begins not in a region fraught with fears of war, but instead here in the frozen north. It begins at the Edge of the World.


Drang of the short days


Drang is an anthropomorphic reindeer standing seven feet tall (eight with her antlers). She comes across as stoic, unfeeling, and aloof. This is because she is. But beneath her calm expression and lack of interest in mortal affairs, Drang is a gentle soul easily moved by the plight of others; she cannot resist someone who needs her help, even when she does not understand or care why.

Maisel Fiske


The only daughter of an only son of an only son. The heiress apparent to a homestead in the juniper farming hamlet of Bathune, established by her grandparents and renown in the Verdann Kingdom for its gin export. Maisel is a human woman starting down the end of her twenties and grasping for meaning outside of the lush springs and summers of the Hearth.

Noir Steele


Noir’s life may have started rocky (pun intended) but he has finally found his way in the world… to a certain degree. Beneath his hard obsidian exterior lies a soft caring center that’s doing it’s best to stay positive throughout life. He understands the importance of the opportunity that Red Scar has given him, and he refuses to let anything jeopardize the Rust Ring. After being imprisoned and stripped of his armor, Noir was trapped in the north as his inner self, Lenolo, a small one who is doing his best just to survive.



Osseus is an international man of mystery and Bailehart’s greatest detective. Or at least that’s what he might tell you. In reality nobody knows much of anything about Osseus. He’s never given a last name, has no known family members, and seems to have simply emerged from the woods some time ago. Constantly garbed from head to toe, he can most frequently be found among the ranks of one of many traveling carnivals where he earns his keep as a bare-knuckle boxer (or gloved boxer, in Osseus’ case).

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