The Eternity Archives

At a mysterious Library where all other universes collide, 3 heroes from across the multiverse have been summoned from their home worlds to take up the role of Archivists. With an Anchor leading the mission from the Library and their trusty Journals at their side, our Archivists travel to far-flung dimensions to capture Anomalies from other universes and bring them back for safe keeping. As they take on characteristics of each realm they travel to and search out the Anomaly, they run into both friend and foe, including some familiar faces from the sinister Entropy Archives, seeking the Anomalies for some unknown dark cause...




Barbarian lizard princess from a militaristic fantasy world. Once the heir to an evil empire and then a wandering mercernary in exile, Zen is determined to set things right and stand up for what she believes in.



Sad tiefling nerd baby from a world very much like our own. Ryl prefers playing video games and hanging out with their pet abomination Dumpling over adventuring, but they're making it work.



Middle-aged human office lady from regular old earth. Linda loves margaritas, baking, Garfield comics, and her new friends, who she's very protective of, even when it's a little overbearing.

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